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Today Date :24-05-2019

Account and Audit


Fund allocated during year -
Plan 258.86  Non Plan Total 517.72 

Name of the bank in which Vidyalaya has opened its account and its distance (for day to day operation).

Bank Account No. E-mail address and telephone Nos of the bank

A/C No. 0220096333 
Name of the Bank, its address, Account Number, IFSC Code for receiving funds through Electrical code SBI N 0001127 
Details of Audit of Vidyalaya
Particulars Period of Audit Date of Audit Receipt of Report
Audited by Internal Audit Party  14 – 09 - 07 To 26.07.10  Yes 
Audited by C. A.  29.07.10 To 29.07.10   


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