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Co-Curricular constitute a regular feature of our vidyalaya. Various literacy, quizzical, cultural and sporting activities are organized frequently through inter- house competition at senior and junior level with a view to make the students achieve competence and self-confidence.
Competitions at a glance
Held on
Celebrations at a glance
Sl.No. Celebrations Observed on
1 Essay writing 08.04.2011
2 Ram Navami Celebration 12.04.2011
3 Ambedkar Jayanti 14.04.2011
4 Mahavir Jayanti 17.04.2011
5 World Population day 11.07.2011
6 Quiz Competition 13.07.2011
7 Plantation 19.07.2011
8 Raksha Bandhan 13.08.2011
9 Independence Day 15.08.2011
10 Rajeev Gandhi Jayanti 20.08.2011
11 Krishna Janmashtami 22.08.2011
12 Teacher’s Day 05.09.2011
13 World Literacy Day 08.09.2011
14 Hindi Pakhawada 14.09.2011 To 28.09.2011
15 Gandhi Jayanti and Shashtri Jayanti 02.1 0.2011
16 Nehru Jayanti/ Book Week 14.11.2011 To 20.11.2011
17 World AIDS Day 01.12.2011
18 VivekaNand Jayanti 12.01.2012
19 Lohri 13.01.2012
20 Makar Sankranti 14.01.2012
Details of student participation in Games, Sports and Co-Curricular activities at Cluster Level, Regional Level & National Level during year :
Class Student Name Event Nature of the participant Position Secured
IX BasketBall Aligarh U-17
X Basketball Aligarh U-17
X Basketball Aligarh U-17
XII Basketball Aligarh U-19
XII Basketball Aligarh U-19
XII Basketball Aligarh U-19
X Vollyball Aligarh U-17
X Vollyball Aligarh U-17
X Vollyball Aligarh U-17
XI Vollyball Aligarh U-19
XII Vollyball Aligarh U-19
XII Vollyball Aligarh U-19
XI Badminton Etah U-19
XI Badminton Etah U-19
IX Badminton Etah U-17
IX Kho-Kho Agra U-17
X Kho-Kho Agra U-17
VIII Kho-Kho Agra U-17
VIII Kho-Kho Agra U-14
VIII Kho-Kho Agra U-14
VIII Kho-Kho Agra U-14
XII Kho-Kho Agra U-19
XII Kho-Kho Agra U-19
XII Kho-Kho Agra U-19
IX Basketball Rudhrapur U-17
X Basketball Rudrapur U-17
X Basketball Rudrapur U-17
XII Basketball Rudrapur U-19
XII BasketBall Rudrapur U-19
XII Vollyball Barabanki U-19
XI Vollyball Barabanki U-19
XII Volluball barabanki U-19
XII Volluball Barabanki U-19
XI Batminton Maharajganj U-19
XI Batminton Maharajganj U-19
IX Badminton Maharajganj U-17
X Badminton Maharajganj U-17
IX Kho Kho Bhadohi U-17
VIII Kho-Kho Bhadohi U-14
VIII Kho Kho Bhadohi U-14
X Kho Kho Bhadohi U-17
X Badminton Banglore U-17
X Basket Ball Rudrapur U-17
X Basketball Rudrapur U-17
IX Kabaddi Lucknow U-17
XI FootBall Firozabad U-19
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Cultural activities-To make the students aware, understand and nurture art and cultural heritage, the Vidyalaya has got rich department of Art and music which offers children an opportunity to learn various kinds of art, music, drama and community songs and dances. Display of performing art and music has been a regular feature during various kinds of celebrations observed by the Vidyalaya. Frequent sessions are organized to promote the sense of belongingness towards nature and mother earth. Students are encouraged to understand and do their best towards a pollution free, clean and green society. World Environment Day and Van Mahotsava are a few among many other celebrations observed by the students in this regard.

Scout and Guide-Vidyalaya has full fledged troops of Scout and Guide which are self-help groups performing various activities within as well as outside the campus in order to promote courage, strong determination and leadership qualities among students.

Adolescence Education Program-A unique program which aims at educating children about their growing age, physico-psychological changes and concerns, handling stress , developing self confidence, self respect and respect for opposite gender.

Objective of A.E.P.-

1. Give authentic information on physical and psychological changes, prevention of AIDS, STD and smoking.
Develop abilities and skills in students to protect them from risky situations, e.g. thinking skills, self-awareness, inter-personal relationship, communication and negotiation skills, problem solving and decision making etc.
3. Develop mutual respect among boys and girls.
4. Promote among them responsible behavior for sound health.
5. Develop ability among them to manage examination related stress, anxiety and personal problems.
Promote among the young students a healthy and responsible life-style and share their concern on all such matters.

Activities related to A.E.P.-

1. Collection of primary data from students concerning adolescence through questionnaire.
2. Meeting with the parents to know the areas of interests and concerns of their wards.
3. Organizing lectures and interaction sessions
4. Making posters and models.
5. Making posters and models.
Inviting doctors and counselors to answer the queries of children regarding health and various aspects of adolescence.
7. Conducting tests (questionnaire method) to judge the extent of learning about the program.
Youth Parliament- Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India has introduced youth parliament program to prepare the youth with added skills and competence to cater the needs of fast changing world scenario and to enable them to understand the democratic principles and values. In this program a complete replica of parliamentary session is exhibited by the students in order to make the viewers as to how the activities of a democratic parliament are conducted.

Details of any important project assigned to the Vidyalaya by the NVS HQrs./R.O.

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